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Natural gas is a non-toxic, color-less fuel, about one-third lighter than air. Gas burns, but only when mixed with air in the right proportion and ignited by a spark or flame. In its purified state, gas has no smell. For your protection an odorant is added to natural gas that is harmless and distinctive so you can detect and report the slightest gas leak. Gas leakage may occur from faulty appliances, loose connections, and service lines inside or outside your home, or from gas mains. Leaks can be dangerous and should be dealt with promptly by experts.


Alpine provides natural gas from residential fuel through a gas distribution system of underground pipes. Natural gas pipelines are one of the safest forms of energy transportation in the United States. Alpine Natural Gas has an ongoing safety program that meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements for safe pipeline operation and maintenance, however, natural gas pipeline leaks can occur due to natural disasters, damage by digging, or corrosion. Alpine’s safety activities include system patrolling, cathodic protection against corrosion, periodic and spot leak surveys and testing, as well as promoting and following safe excavation practices. We also believe it is important for customers and those in and around our pipeline system to learn how to spot and react to a pipeline leak.

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